Thursday, December 9, 2010

In the Beginning


It's that time...I suppose. How many of us get to that place when we feel we have a lot to say, but never actually go about saying it, or lack the appropriate means to do so. I honestly feel like the internet is always a good place to start, but hardly the best place to succeed, because at the end of the day, how many of us have blogs just like this one, how many use the internet to get their voice out into the world, and how many of us find that a lot of those voices are ones of hatred, judgement, misunderstanding, and minsinterpretation? (To name only a few issues.)

But what the heck right? I believe in free speech, but the longer I live, the more time I spend thinking, which is something I think I do best. And all these thoughts that bounce around inside my head are things I want to open up and share...with the world.

But I don't want this to be only about me. My favorite thing is good quality discourse. I love learning about people, but even more so why people are the way they are. I have my druthers, I have my beliefs, and I feel that there's a lot not only I can do, but we all can do, to change the world. We've only but to come together and find the ways.

So all this being said, I'd like to open up myself to the world, in the hopes that those in it open up to me. I can't continue living my life only on the safe road, the path I've walked day in and day out, expecting to find change, expecting to grow. That's impossible. We must sacrifice comfort to find clarity.

And world clarity can only be found through the exploration of the self, through nailing down who we are, knowing ourselves inside and out, and learning of our place in this world, in the universe, in the lengthy stretch that is time.

I used to write a lot of notes on Facebook. Maybe I still will, but it would come to me never tagging anyone, because I was afraid of coming off as preachy. And being an aspiring writer, you get to those points in your life where your palms are bleeding so bad you've got to wipe it off somewhere. (The internet?)

But we've all got bloody palms, not to say that we're all writers, but we all have a voice, we've all been hurt, we've all been in the dark, some of the darkest places man could find, some of us have found our way through, some of us are just managing to tread those waters, but despite our ability to connect to one another, many of us still find ways to be alone.

That's where I want to draw us out from, from the conversations we have, we start, and we (hopefully) draw conclusions from, we've got to start digging into ourselves and finding that piece of us that tells us there is a tomorrow and it is worth seeing.

Who knows how long it will take to make friends here, like this, but I would hope over time, we can build something together, through sharing our opinions, that takes us to a place where inner peace is not just an idea, but a realization.

I'll share my opinions, undoubtedly, that's the point, but I would be very, VERY, disappointed if you or anyone is to read these blogs, find a topic of conversation, yet never start one.

This is the first brick of the highest tower of my life. I can't build the man I am, the man I am alway becoming, without sharing and being shared with by people around the world.

So find me, talk with me, and as corny as it may sound, let's be friends. Though we've never met, though there are nearly 7 billion of us in the world, we all bleed red. Deep down there, where the blood passes through the heart giving us life, we share so much in common. Let's find that common ground and create our foundation, the bedrock of our lives. Let's build not upon the sandy banks of the river shore, but on the solid, unshifting resolve of our own self.

But that self, the person you are today, who will never be the same again with each step you take in life, is only as supported as you're willing to let on. We think we only need ourselves in life, that we can all be soloists, that we can make all decisions based on our own accord, without exploration into the souls of others, but I assure you, that is absolutely incorrect.

The power of one exists in you, but in a greater sense, in the idea that we are all one, that when we reach the ends of space and time, looking down onto all galaxies, universes, planets, stars, life, death, all of it...we're seeing one single object. And that is existance.

We all exist. But it is only through our coming together, our learning about ourselves through others, our finding our place in that solid object that is existance that we find our reason for living. To exist is not enough. Existance means nothing. To live, to know what it means to live, that's where our prupose lies.

Talk to me about you. Draw me into something, ask me questions, let me share with you in the hopes that you'll do the same with me.

They say you're never supposed to talk about Religion and Politics. In another word, they say you should never discuss the things that bring about controversy or potential disagreements. But screw it. How else would we grow? Let's talk it all. Religion, Politics, Jokes, Heartwarming stories, News, ANYTHING! The long and shot of it ...

Let's Talk.

As a final side note...I love elipses. I use them a lot. In writing both creative and non. I I think that's because they're the best way to, in writing, suggest the things that exist under the surface, that live subconsciously in us, that we'd love to say, but sometimes can't find the words, or that they hold a suggestion, that other things are to come, beyond the last words we say, they suggest more is to be said, that the unknown is alway ahead of us, and that the more we learn, the more questions we have. And what a beautiful thing that is.

So all this being said, Hi. I'm Will. And Where There's a Will...