Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Don't know how many people are aware of this. I'm sure quite a few, but some things get by us.


I don't really think I can even begin to express my feelings on this. How do you weigh in?

There seem to be so many topics today that have sensitivity as thin as eggshells, that really cannot be defined by more than personal belief, and it all boils down to dilemmas and arguments. An issue such as abortion has a lot to it, you don't need me to tell you that. But when a child takes a breath and has its spinal cord severed with scissors, then what is that? That is murder. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

I'm pro free will. That has always been my stance on most things in life. Humans have been given free will, its a gift that we must utilize to its fullest potential. And to believe in the necessity of free will, to me, dictates the having to allow others to make their own choices. One doesn't have to personally agree on something morally to understand that it belongs to a much larger issue at the end of the day.

Do I agree with abortion, no. That's me. But do I believe in free will? Yes. So that sort of throws me in a boat that says, "Hey if it were me, I couldn't do it. But this is your life, this is your choice. You're going to do what you will, and I can't stop you."

And of course, beyond this issue specifically, free will means the consequences of any action as a result of your choice will be yours. We all bear responsibility for our choices. And whatever arises from those choices is ours to deal with, ours to bear.

But this, this "Doctor", belongs in a special place. If any abhorrent action has been taken that is an abuse of free will it is something such as this. And what are we going to do about it?

How can someone be so cruel that they can look into those eyes, hear that breath, and decide it's okay to take that away?

These are lives, plain and simple. A woman even lost hers as a result of these practices. He taught this to others, and as the story so often goes, is looking at far less counts of murder than he should be. Same way so many of these people kill a dozen victims and are only charged for half of them.

There's really not much more for me to say about all this, other than it all comes back to influences, things I've mentioned before. But I will say this, and I'm desperate for your opinion on all of this, we as Human Beings have very few real responsibilities in life, and beyond that even fewer of those are so innate within our spirits that I believe we are required to carry them out. Of course Love is number one in my book, and all things wonderful are precipitation of this. I think Love is our responsibility, but to narrow that further, we have a responsibility to end injustice.

That's a pretty broad statement, but there are many injustices in this world.

I will tell you this too, free will bears much responsibility. And its our gift as humans to utilize this free will. How fortunate are we that we are capable of making our own decisions in life, as opposed to being led blindly, and mindlessly down the road that is fate. But in embracing the greatest gift of all, we are also accepting that we are ready for the biggest responsibility of our lives.

I have a responsibility. You have a responsibility. We have a responsibility.

For all the injustice in this world, it isn't enough to read about it, and think to yourself, "How sad, I wish someone would do something." We are that "someone". Each and every one of us has a great power simply in our existing. We have a great gift simply by breathing. Do not waste it. Now is the time to love as much as you possibly can.

What good will that do? Isn't "loving" our enemy a little silly and non-productive? Isn't it faster, simpler, and more effective to fight fire with fire?

Yes, it would seem that way. But human beings are not simple creatures, not mere animals. If you think you are, surrender the things that make you human, your good fortune, your car, your home, get rid of it. If really we're no better than dogs, then cast your fate to the wind as the animals do. But if you're like me, and you know beyond your instincts there is a purpose at your core, then unlike the animals, do not simply fight fire with fire. The forest burns much quicker when half the blaze is you. Why not steal the very oxygen that this fire needs to continue its rampage, why not be something more than fire, something much stronger?

There are individuals that function on hate, fear, murder, chaos, and all the despicable means in between. Don't stump to their level. Let them die out naturally, and focus your efforts on these children who are fighting day in and day out just for the luxury of taking a breath. They're not old enough to make their own choices, and at this age they need those around them to do for them what's best. Isn't love the best thing for a child?

Evil exists in this world, but it doesn't have to. Because you too exist, and with your life, your breath, you can extinguish the flames that roam wild, looking to burn down anything in its path, and beyond that, your good will can burn hotter and brighter than any fire, spread faster than any inferno. No one can make us act. But life is pretty short when you stop to think about it. And love is pretty simple when you let it act in your life as it desires to.

So spread it around. If we know we're capable of changing the world, what's stopping us? Step over the roadblock of the shallow intimidation that is evil. For it is a dried old tree, sustained on nothing but the sheer luck that no one has yet to come and knock it over. All you need to do to move past it is push it over. And considering how much life there is in you, and how little there is in it, how hard is that?

Shouldn't we be the change we hope to see? The abundance for what we think lacks in the world?

Well if Love is what you think is lacking in the world, remember it certainly is not lacking in you. Now is the time to prove it.

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