Tuesday, January 11, 2011

In Reponse to a Good Friend...

The following was too long for the comments section of yesterday's post "Shooting." Got a wonderful comment from B. tries to respond in the comment box...got long winded...you know me. (Or will come to know me.)


You couldn't be more right in my opinion. Religion is what's been breaking down and dissolving good relations between people since day one. If it were up to me, we would have no religion.

Some of the most corrupt organizations, not to name names but yeah I have some specific ones in mind, are founded in Religion. It's funny we spend so much time focusing on the battle of religion overseas that we tend to forget what battles are being fought under covers in our own country. Many people are allowing themselves to be manipulated by their Religion and are, I think for better or worse description, pretty lazy. Subscribing to a belief, whether it be political, Religious, anything, without thought or consideration means you just want that subscription to tell you how to be, what to think, how to vote, etc.

It's like subscribing to a newspaper or magazine, finding out how they're telling you to vote, then just voting that way because "that's what you believe."

I think Religion follows incredibly similar parameters. "How do I vote Pastor? Who do I hate Church? Which proposition should I say yes or no on God?"

It's really just sheer laziness.

I'm a very firm believer in something my Dad told me a few years ago, that put things in perspective for me. He said "God didn't come to this earth to start a Religion, but to start a Relationship."

Now, whatever it is someone believes, I think most of us can agree on this love idea, that for the most part it's a good thing.

Yes, I classify myself as a Christian, but really, I reject subscribing to the rules and regulations created by and written by men, who interpret the bible as they see fit. And no matter what people look to believe, whatever doctrine they're reading, they've got to keep at the core of their spirits the idea that they're doing this to learn what it means to them, not "This makes sense to other people, I'll just agree with them. I think the bible says what they tell me it says." It's the same laziness. I try to the beliefs I see as interesting relevant to me. Which is why I think there is value in all books from all different walks of like. God, Love, is like a multifaceted diamond, each facet making it all the more beautiful. These facets I believe are the different beliefs people hold worldwide. It's a beautiful thing when find we don't have to believe 100% what someone else believes (which is impossible, considering we are all our own individuals) but that we find merit in their belief, and maybe draw from them, learning new things about ourselves, accepting them for their differences and in turn being accepted for ours.

I believe, without a doubt, God never wanted Religion in the first place. It's the whole idea of contradictions, and how the human race is a beautifully contradicted thing. We mustn't have Religion, yet we should desire to come together in global harmony. So without rules, how would we do it?

And that's the thing. Getting personal with whatever it is you want to call it, God, Love, The Universal Energy, Chakra, anything from any and all walks of life, I think people need to come into an understanding that the beliefs that, at their core claim to achieve peace, are all based in Love. At least that's how they began, that's what the initial doctrines state. The idea of perfect Love has a transcendent quality to it, in that it allows us to step away from the influences of others, and view the way the world works from an open slate perspective.

It takes a lot of self exploration to get there, but I think everyone can achieve it if they believe, not in a specific religion, but in themselves, and more importantly, in the idea that beyond our existence there is a purpose to our life. If our lives have no purpose, we'd better give up now. What's the point in continuing if we're simply a vessel that comes and goes as often as the sun rises and sets.

Then we get to blaming Religion, which many times they may deserve it. But how many times have you heard the slurs "It's the Jews!" "It's the Arabs!" "It's the Muslims!" I think, also in today's society, it is becoming more common to hear "It's the Christians!" Though, statistically, Christianity is still hanging on to being a majority thought, but we may even be coming to the close of that.

But that doesn't mean anything. Honestly? "Christians" have done A LOT of horrible things too. Do you know the story about Jesus, who was a Jew, going into the temples with a whip and flipping over the money changing tables because the churches were robbing people blind? Well, it's a big belief of mine that if Jesus were to suddenly come back today, you'd find him in the Christian churches doing the same thing. Greedy, greedy, greedy. Manipulate, manipulate, manipulate.

And all for Religion, for sticking so steadfast to your ways that you allow yourself to hate others. I can't get on board with that, absolutely not.

And God, to someone like me, I understand not everyone believes in him, is more than what Religion paints him to be. Calling the spirit in the sky God is easy because it gives it a name. But to call it Love is synonymous to me. So hopefully the more I talk in future conversations or in future blogs, I mean not to say God strictly in the Christian sense, but in the "this is that indescribable love you feel when you see a baby or a puppy or someone being a good person, that calm and comfort when the universe begins to make sense to you" kind of thing. (That's a cheapened example but you get the picture.) I'm talking about God the entity of joyous emotion, not the fire and brimstone Judge.

I suppose, for me, this sums it up best:

Rarely will men find God in their Religions. But in their relationships with others, in the desire to learn what perfect Love feels like, it is there you will find God.


  1. I would argue that it is not religion that divides us. Most religions want to bring people together, albeit under their own religion, but together nonetheless.

    I would say it is ourselves that divide. Man's bias, and prejudice, and imperfections and so on. If it weren't religion it would be politics, or territory, or money etc all of which already divide us already.

  2. Anonymous,

    I think you're absolutely correct. I think Religion does seek to bring us together, and conceptually, Religion is a beautiful thing. But many things are beautiful ideas that become corrupted by mankinds selfish nature, and inability to see what their Religion is actually trying to tell them. Communism for instance, great idea, HORRENDOUS execution, because to run properly, people must be in power, must have control over the masses, and I think most Religion finds itself in the same boat.

    I think people should look inward on their Religions and find out what it means to them, why it makes them who they are. I would love to reach a day when we can say we're all of the same body, without Religion, but it's far off. I think pledging to be a loving, caring, good person who fights for peace and justice is good enough a Religion as any. It's these ideas that seek to bring people together, just like blogs, like my own. But the more people who listen, who read, who begin to follow, that's when things can go to someone's head, and they begin to invent ways to control their followers into doing their bidding, when their Religious doctrine says nothing even close to what they're telling us it does.

    Like you said, it is ourselves that divide. Our bias, prejudice, and imperfections etc. All these things also help in tainting Religions who at their core stand for very beautiful things, and turn them into operations for profit and gain.

    I love the idea of Religion, and I love learning about it, all forms, and I think, just as Politics are good, property is good, just as all ideals are at their core good, we need to be careful that the idea of "For the greater good" doesn't shift into hatred, segregation, and a refusal to see the light in anothers heart simply because they don't believe exactly as others do.

    What do you think?

  3. I agree for the most part. Do you wish that people could come together REGARDLESS of religion; or do you wish we could come together in a world that HAS NO religion? Wasn't sure based on your wording:
    "I would love to reach a day when we can say we're all of the same body, without Religion, but it's far off."
    Btw, you said you were religious. What religion are you?

  4. I wish people could come together regardless of Religion. And I think, if they could do that, the longer they could, the longer they could sustain peace with the knowledge that yes they are different, but they are also the same, then Religion would fade away in time.

    But, to be perfectly honest, I don't think it ever will. It's like I mentioned a few days ago. It isn't the actual achieving of world peace which is impossible, but the constant fight for world peace, the never giving up in the face of impossible odds that we find success.

    So. elimination of it is impossible, but we should never give up fighting for Love and peace, as that's how we come together.

    As far as myself, I'm a Christian. But...a little different from the norm I think. How about yourself friend? What are your thoughts on the world?

  5. Well my thoughts on the world are too many and long to post here lol. Suffice to say I am Christian as well and perhaps I am also different. I tend to think a lot on these types of topics but the people I surround myself with do not share my views so I keep them to myself. It's nice to be able to discuss these things every once and a while with an open minded person.

  6. Never too many and too long. Have you seen the length of the stuff I write? You'd think I felt like I had something to say!

    Never let yourself feel stifled by those around you. You always have a place to voice your thoughts here. I'd love to hear them, otherwise it's just me talking, and I'm very boring, and if I don't learn about about...I'll never learn anything new.

    Glad to feel you can discuss with an open minded person too. That's the purpose of this. Let's keep talking!

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  8. I'm honored that you took the time to respond so throughly to my comment Will! Thank you.

    Anonymous made a great point when he/she wrote:
    "If it weren't religion it would be politics, or territory, or money etc all of which already divide us already."

    Perhaps I use the term 'Religion' a bit too loosely (consequently this often gets me in trouble). I think, to a point, everyone is 'religious' and everyone has a 'god' in their life. To some, politics, or money, or football, or careers, have become their religion.

    Of course, these things aren't bad in of themselves; Soccer never killed anyone, but people have been killed over Soccer. Things go sour when a Soccer team or a political party or a tradition becomes "GOD" in one's life.

    I agree that world religions (Christianity, Taoism, etc) contain a lot of truth and do unify people. But as both of you have pointed out, it is our flaws as humans which often take something that is true and divine and turn it into something perverse and offensive. When we are loving ourselves more than God.

    I could spend all night commenting on the mind blowing, brilliant, stuff you guys are writing here. But I think these things are often best discussed over a few cold, over hopped, pretentious Ales.

  9. "Rarely will men find God in their Religions. But in their relationships with others, in the desire to learn what perfect Love feels like, it is there you will find God."

    again, profoundly and beautifully said.
    and as the yogis say, "Namaste"... the part of God that is within me bows in honor to the part of God that is in you.

    interesting to me is how closely your thoughts sound like those in my head over the years when there was no internet. It will be very interesting to see how your view expands or contracts and then expands again, as you will surely be elated and then crushed and then elated again. Life tends to test those that choose to examine it, frequently in fact. My prayer is that you find strength in the core of your God, your Soul, your Love. And continue to share it. You will undoubtedly touch someone without even knowing it.