Monday, January 17, 2011


The AZ shooting has been tragic. It's good to hear Rep. Giffords is on the up from 'Critical' to "Serious.' But only a handful of people I've spoken to have heard of a story coming from Australia, of Jordan Rice, a 13 year old boy who sacrificed his own life to save his little brother Blake's.

Both Jordan and his mother were then swept away in the flash flood.

Take a moment to realize the incredible power of the human spirit. Though many like to argue with me and others on this, this is why I believe there is a soul within mankind. You don't have to agree, but there was something great within this kid.

When a 13 year old is ready and willing to lay down his life to save another is when we remember not even half of us would have done the same.

But we can.

I believe in a savior.

I also believe they are among us each and every day. And many times, the saviors of mankind are children. Because, as most of us forget, passion, trust, and love burns brightest in our young. Let's remember to give them as much credit as we do the oldest and grandest philosophers, the wisest and keenest elders, the smartest and most cunning countrymen. The things you can learn from a child are without prejudice, straightforward, and true. Never waste the opportunity to learn from one, as even in death, children can teach us how to be better human beings.

We're only as young as we feel, and deep down, we are all children. So perhaps, there is something to learn from all we encounter. Never forget what it means to be without judgment, to be like a child. When you let your hand drop the gavel, you find the heaviest burden has just been shook from your shoulders. And what a relief it is, to know you will walk each step of everyday closer to love, and further from judgment.

The greatest gift one can give is to lay down one's life for one's friends.

Let's take a minute to honor this brave kid. Lord knows he showed more courage in his final moments than some of us do in our entire life.

God bless you Jordan.

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