Wednesday, April 13, 2011

When the Devil Comes

When the Devil comes,
On Unicorn back he will ride.
Great strides he will take,
The lies and spies he sends
Have been candy to rot the
Teeth you brush with the toothpaste
He will provide.

When the Devil comes
The skies will ignite.
The rainbows shine bright,
Provide the light you need
To see the games you play
Despite the rapping of the raven
On the door of your plight.

When the Devil comes
The waters turn to chocolate.
You'll never see it, the bit
In the mouth he uses to control
Those who drink from the lifeblood
Of being illiterate to the saving deeds
Of whom they think will suffocate.

When the Devil comes
He will wear pigtails.
You will be frail,
And the tail of the whale
Will destroy the world.
'Tis us will be beached, beseech,
But only destined to fail.

When the Devil comes
Glorious music you will hear!
Your ears will bleed as he
Feeds the fears your tears
Have cried when you thought
Darkness was your enemy.
But oh to think,
You never knew,
With your cheers he will appear,
For the fun you have chewed
Has brought him near and made things clear,
The Devil has been bubble gum all these years.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this. I like the sound of it a whole lot, and hope you continue to explore poetry with your blog...