Thursday, July 7, 2011


We live in a day in which freedom is abundant. We're led to believe by our peers, by the media, by our politicians and our systems that we are squirming beneath the boulders of injustice, that our wills are suppressed by the people we have elected to power, that though we fight for liberty, though we fight for truth and righteousness and all that is good that ultimately there are conspiracies about, looking to rob us of these things. But it isn't true and it has never been true. Freedom has been yours since the day you were born. Mankind has placed too much value, too much weight and importance on freedom being tied to his daily life, tied to the work he does with his hands and the car he drives and the basic exercising of rights he practices within each day. Man has seen freedom as his ability to consume, to shop, to picket and protest, to scream, to kill, to steal, to pillage and plunder. Freedom has in recent times been chalked up to the world disallowing you the things you desire, not recognizing you already have the things you need.

Do not be afraid to be faithful. Only a child would make the case that faith is a child's game. They are too swept up in their apparent intelligence to look past the provable facts that exist only in textbooks. But the real fact is that the truths that make up life are not always going to be proven to others or by others, but that they are self evident to you, to your way of life. That is fact. Have faith in yourself. Have faith in your neighbor, in your friends and your family, in those you meet on your day to day business. Stop believing that humans are born inherently bad, that all are out for themselves, that there is no regard for the next man or the next woman. It is true that many follow these paths, but the more you focus on finding the faults in those around you the sooner you'll find there is nothing worth living for, worth fighting for, and that ultimately there is no freedom when all is controlled by negativity. To you, people will be viruses, large masses that consume without giving back. Don't let the media or these new social networks we create for ourselves each day, our technologies, sway you into believing the world is bleak.

There is a sun in each day. At times it lies behind the clouds, at times it rains and lightning strikes and tornadoes hit and people become swept up in their woes but don't let bad weather ruin your life, don't let one guilty verdict allow you to condemn the rest of your peers, don't let one broken promise lock you away in a life of distrust.

People are good and kind. They fight for what's right, they want for themselves but they also want for all of us. The many outnumber the few but somehow it has been the few that are dictating our standard of others. This is wrong. Believe that there are honest individuals filling each of our days, that the people we meet on the bus or on the train or in the store are just like you and I. We are all capable of hope, compassion, and love. Let us use these capabilities to take back the freedoms we believe are being stripped from us. Watching uncensored television is not freedom, listening to violent music is not freedom, insulting someone else in a public place for being different is not freedom. These things have little to do with what freedom truly is. Freedom is fighting with kindness. Freedom is taking up arms with those who love and showing what it means to turn the other cheek. Freedom is being asked to carry a man's things one mile and going with him two. Freedom is the ability to do the things no one would expect you to not because you must, but because you want to. Freedom is our inherent ability to do good, to protect those who are struck down by the few and carry them with us to the place in which we know they will be safe.

Freedom is not expressing your hatred for someone, it is proving your love for them despite what the picketers say, despite the harsh criticisms of the blind and the foolish. Freedom and Love are one in the same. When you embrace your freedom you embrace Love, you embrace your acceptance of others for being different than you, your tolerance of them because they tolerate you. Love precipitates all that is right in the Universe. Don't be lead astray by fools because they are capable of convincing you to believe what they believe. And know there is no such thing as idiots. Be prepared to forgive despite your misgivings for the cruel who surround you. They were children once, not capable of the influences others bestowed upon them. There is no such thing as a lost cause. Love does not surrender, and because of this neither will freedom. A fool is one who does not understand the truth but pretends to anyway. You are not a fool. Don't shrug them off as if there is no hope for them. There are things in this world that none of us will ever understand. Many will shrug you off but many will help guide you to a place of understanding. Who do you want to be when an acquaintance is made with someone who pretends to know the truth? Will you quit on them and leave them to their errors or will you stand with them in hopes of leading them to a place they've never been?

Yesterday has come and gone and there is no tomorrow. There is no tomorrow. There is only today, here, and now. If we want to chalk everything up to potentials, to the world ending in the blink of an eye then take advantage of the right that has been bestowed upon you at birth. Your ability to Love. Love without cause or concern, Love without reason, without want, or without desire. Love because Love is within you, because it is what you were born to do. All of us. We are all different and yet we are all the same, worthy of the same rights, the same joy, the same happiness, and the same good fortunes. But do not drag others into the mud with you if that is where you wish to lie. Let yourself grasp the hands of others when they reach toward you, wanting to pull you out and show you mud is a place in which pigs lie, and you are no pig. We are not animals, we are not a virus, and though we can be selfish we are also capable of far greater, selflessness. Embrace your ability to do good. Don't fight the urge to smile, to wave, to sing, to laugh, to jump for joy when the sunshine strikes you just the right way. Don't let the verdicts cast out by others in this world bring you into darkness, cause you to hate this world, to think it sad and pathetic, to scoff at your peers, your neighbors, the common man. Rather stand without faltering in light. It will be far more peaceful where you are, more comfortable, calm, and desirable. So much so in fact that others will not help but be able to ask why. Why are you so happy, so proud, so full of joy and understanding when it seems like the rest of us are full of nothing but cynicism, pessimism, and narcissism?

The answer is because you are different. You are special. You are no animal, no creature of darkness, no vessel without a soul. You are a human being. You are born with something no other living thing is, the right to Love and be Loved in return. The right to do good, to be kind, to hug and to kiss, and click your heels and celebrate the simplest things from the beauty of nature to the most complex works of art we have ever known. You can create, can think for yourself, can ponder your own existence, can read and write and comprehend and let yourself be affected by what you learn from each day. Though we may have our faults we are wonderful and there are no more excuses left to be made for the facts that exist outside of textbooks. We are those facts. Our actions are those facts. We are walking contradictions and by that token prove to ourselves, to each other that we are more than cells flowing through blood, more than brain and bones, greater, grander, and stronger than muscle and iron. We have the will to succeed, the will to do, the will to live, and the will to Love. We are capable of letting go of our pain and surrendering it to the notion that healing comes with hurt, that time is on our side if we let ourselves open up, empty out the sorrows we hold close to our heart and free ourselves from these chains. We may not think we are free, that we are in a constant fight for our freedoms, that our governments and the systems of the world are seeking to bring us down, to take us to their own places of indignation, but I promise you, you are nothing but free. Just as you are nothing but Love. Turn away from the hatred of your fellow man, thus turning the other cheek. Have hope, compassion, and forgiveness in your heart. We are not perfect but we are still something to be marveled at.

Welcome the jabs, the taunts, the mocking of your desire to spread positivity, to share such good words. Do not be swayed, dismayed, or deterred by the worlds ability to seem like the greatest weight that could ever press down upon your shoulders. For you are capable of carrying that weight. If I believe it you can believe it. As you know we are different but we are also the same. Today is the day. Now is the time. Stop what you're doing and acknowledge your right to be free from all the darkness in the world that seeks to tie you down. For if you're willing to discover your wings, no ties can hold down such a soaring spirit as yours, such an unbridled and impassioned soul. Many will try, but once you taste the rewards of freedom, the life blood that is Love, you will find that these ones around you are not yet free. But they can be. Just as you have been. And it will only take but one person to show them the way.

And that one person is you.

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