Thursday, December 15, 2011

Santa Claus' Gift to the World

What I've written below is actually, for the most part, taken from a scene of a film I was working on early in the season. It likely won't be finished this year, but the scene was of particular importance to me. The basic premise of the story is Santa Claus essentially passing along his duties to his son (whom has since grown and become distant with his father), who is to become the new Santa. It deals with subject matter I think we try not to associate with a character as light as Santa, however I think it's important that with a character such as him, considering all he represents, it be considered. We're beginning to live in a world where we try to keep our ideals and our rationality separate, that idealists are cute but ultimately impractical. But idealism gives way to real change, to true personal and social reform. And though a lot of people may not take a fictional character's words as truth, they are often penned by men who understand the true workings of the world, and even the Universe.

Santa Claus, for me, has become more of this character, and I'd like to share his voice with you which, as you know, is my own. But I don't speak as eloquently as Good Ol' Saint Nick, so I'll let him be the microphone.

Dear World,

Tonight is the night I load the sleigh
With toys and trinkets to deliver on Christmas day.
As you know, I employ a hard working bunch.
Elves of all shapes and sizes who've got a hunch
That what will make your Christmas bright
May not be what makes others' ignite,
But they work hard and sleep little
To ensure that it'll
Be just right for you.

Yet each year I recall a song I heard,
And as quickly as it plays it always ocurrs
To me that we've come to think
Christmas is something quite out of sync
Wth the rest of the year.
Goodness and cheer
Mustn't be annual happenstances,
Merry greetings simply chance
Meetings we hear uttered as if out of obligation.

'The Little Boy that Santa Claus Forgot'
Struck my heart in a way not
Felt in a milenia.
Pople crying out 'Ave Maria'
In hopes that Saint Nicholas soon would be there
To visit broken homes in desperate need of repair.
But there is magic even Santa cannot work,
Not that responsibility is shirked
Or that he does not care...

But Santa is sought to provide a bike,
A toy or a game or whatever you'd like
That defines your happiness.
But perhaps he seeks to bless
Your home with more than things.
Perhaps that which Santa brings
Is more than that which you can see.
That if you are willing, you can be
As rich as Kings and as happy as clams.

My greatest gift to you comes free of charge.
There isn't a box you can find large
Enough to contain it.
Its hope is to make, if even a little bit,
Your Christmas that much brighter,
Your heart that much lighter.
And it is just that, hope.
The tool in which to help us cope,
The great igniter of peace on earth.

You may be rather surprised,
That despite what you've surmised,
More often than not what is asked of me
Is not something valuable for under the tree.
Rather it is invaluable and irreplaceable,
The need for something embraceable
Of the heart.
That no family be kept apart,
But able to be together if only for a day.

'I'd like a mattress for my Mom and Dad,
I promise this year not to be bad.
But I ask because they sleep on the floor
And there is nothing I would like more
Than to know they do not have to,
That I appreciate all that they do,
And meaning more to me than any toy
Is to see my parents know your joy.
I love you Santa, Merry Christmas.'

'Santa, this year I want to survive my cancer.
To see my daughter grow to become the dancer
She alway dreamed of being.'
'Santa, instead of seeing
Green, I'd rather see food on my table,
Rather know I'm able
To provide for my family
Despite the vanity
We may be capable of.'

More often than not, you see
When a child sits upon my knee
He or she asks for something real,
Something that has no store window appeal,
But is quite plainly and simply
A wish wished freely
From the bottom of their soul,
That even coal
May really be something to cherish.

I cannot grant every single wish,
And I cannot express the anguish
I feel because there is only so much
One man can do. But if I can touch
Just one or two,
Express my love to you,
Then perhaps you can give
To others, teach them to live
The Christmas spirit through the year.

But my gift to you this Holiday season
Is no doubt the very reason
I do what I do.
And though you likely already knew,
I thought I'd remind
That Christmas is defined
Not by your believing in me,
But the other way around, you see.
And here, I pray, you find your hope.

Believe in your fellow man,
Extend your spirit, your helping hand
To plant the seed of Christmas.
Your love is the isthmus
Joining heart and action.
And even if you are a fraction,
Or find it hard to believe,
You alone can be the reprieve,
The attraction that Christmas can have.

When the morning arrives,
And the little ones wipe the slumber from their eyes,
Take a moment to recall
That I wouldn't exist at all
If not for you.
Because I believe in you, who
Believes in me,
In the you I know you can be,
In the love that lives within.

If you will, remember to pause,
To recall the merriment because
You can find Christmas anywhere
So long as there is love in the air.
For me, there are no words
To tell you all the things you deserve
To hear. So let this letter be my applause,
A reminder that, for all that I do, you are my cause.

Merry Christmas to all,
Much Love,
Santa Claus.


  1. Your usual insightful, amazing prose captures the mind, but mostly the heart. Thanks.