Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Burned Out

As much as I talk about Love, I think it's important to discuss the, sometimes more effective, "tough love". I consider myself a good person who cares about others opinions, appreciates discussion, and passionately dislikes close-mindedness. I also dabble in the Political discussion from time to time. I consider myself neither Conservative or Liberal, strictly Republican or strictly Democrat. I think it's beneficial to remain open to personal change despite what others say, and to make decisions based on your own conclusions that you've drawn about the issues, seeking to vote, to speak, or to represent whatever it is you'd like with knowledge, finesse, and an educated mind.

When we open our mouths and speak about that which we do not know, even if we appear intelligent, we are leading others astray and at the end of the day we look like fools.

I appreciate facts and information and seek to utilize those as the truth. History doesn't like, but historians do. So it all comes down to doing your research and making a conclusion based on information, not a conclusion based on opinion and asinine conclusions others have made. I'm getting a little burned out on that.

That being said, here's a picture:

I hope you can see it well enough.

That's Lawrence O'Donnell, host of MSNBC's "Last Word", a talking head program similar to Wolf Blitzer's "Situation Room" on CNN or Bill O'Reilly's "The O'Reilly Factor" on Fox News (for those familiar with the format on a different network.)

I'm just going to say flat out that what Lawrence O'Donnell has done in this great statement is ridiculous. I'd even go as far as suggesting that he doesn't have internet access or a library card, and doesn't know how to read.

All of those are probably untrue, but I'm basing that off the fact that the statements he's made here are stupid and un-informed. Here's the facts.

He's actually pretty right on medicare, but it certainly wasn't only Liberals who aided in passing the clean air and water acts. Maybe in the last few years, but between their initial starts in 1963 (clean air) and 1972 (clean water), Congress was in relative agreement about their passing. Simply because the Congress, during each of those periods were controlled by democrats doesn't mean conservatives opposed them "every time" like he insists. They voted with Democrats in 1963, 1970, 1977, and 1990 for clean air as well as voting with them again in 1977 and 1987 (against Reagan btw) for clean water. So to say Conservatives opposed them every time is completely untrue. To say they oppose them now, yes that seems a little more suitable. But all Republicans aren't assholes simply because the current congress may be.

And O'Donnell trying to claim victory for Liberals getting women and blacks the right to vote is ridiculous. As is saying they were the ones who passed the civil rights act. And then to say that conservatives opposed liberals on "every one" of those things isn't just a lie, it's uneducated.

When it comes to women's suffrage the 1919 vote was 56 ayes to 25 nays. The ayes consisted of 36 (82%) Republicans and 20 (54%) Democrats. The Nays comprised 8 (18%) Republicans and 17 (46%) Democrats.

The voting rights act, allowing blacks the right to vote, had a senate vote of 77-19 vote, broken down into Democrats: 47–17 (73%-27%), Republicans: 30–2 (94%-6%). The House votes are broken into Democrats: 221–61 (78%-22%), Republicans: 112–24 (82%-18%). So again, simply because the Democrats controlled the 89th Congress doesn't mean the Republicans opposed them on giving blacks the right to vote. The numbers illustrate that.

And the Civil Rights act is exactly the same, the House vote on it was Democratic Party: 152-96 (61%-39%), Republican Party: 138-34 (80%-20%). The Seante vote was Democratic Party: 44-23 (66%–34%), Republican Party: 27-6 (82%–18%).

The 88th congress, which voted on the civil rights act, had a Democrat majority. So I suppose for Lawrence, whoever controls the congress at the time gets to take complete ownership for some of the most important legislation ever passed in the history of our country.

The greater point now would seem, if Liberals shouldn't be ashamed of calling themselves such (which they shouldn't) someone who calls themselves a Conservative should be given the same right and respect to do so. Instead they're chased by "Anti-Republican Crusaders" because it's apparently okay to chase them down, but God FORBID Democrats face any personal scrutiny. That's a hate crime!

I'm not arguing for the rights or in the defense of one party over the other. I'm talking about ending our desire to pit one against the other for being different or having a different opinion, whether it be politics, religion, what have you. It's damaging to people to generalize them and group them together and seek to destroy the group without concern for the individuals that make up that group. That's this whole class warfare business, to use a Republican phrase. Don't let yourself be a part of it.

I'm not joking around. Do your research. This guy is a host of a Nationally viewed television program that millions of Americans tune into for their news and information. And this is what O'Donnell wants to put out there? This is what he wants you to believe?

Hey did you know that Abraham Lincoln was a republican? A lot of people don't.

Did you know that Lincoln's Republican party was a lot more Liberal (by definition) than they are today? And could you fathom that the Democratic party during Lincoln's era was a lot more Conservative? Well it happened.

I can't say I'm fighting for one group over the other. I consider myself a Liberal in terms of how it appears when I open a dictionary and read the definition out loud. But that's just me. Politically sometimes I go Republican, sometimes I go Democrat, it all depends on who and what I agree and disagree with. But I don't ascribe myself to simply being one or the other just because I like Blue more than Red or Elephants more than Donkeys.

But what I am fighting for is a person's ability to be their own individual, make their own desicions, and have their own opinions. And what I want us all to fight for is for that right, and for us to be okay with it. If someone has a different opinion than you do, and it's bothering you, suck it up and walk away. If they're wrong then give them the numbers, give them the hard facts, but don't fight opinion with opinion. The worst thing you can do is claim to be a part of a "Crusade" against a specific group of people. Remember when the Christians did that? Yeah, didn't turn out so hot.

I'm a Christian, but am I going to go kill a bunch of people who disagree with me because that's how they used to do it? God no. I'm going to be me and let you be you, and if you're going to try to harm someone then I'm going to do what it takes to stop you, but if you just want to open your mouth and speak your mind, go for it. I'm doing it right here. Just make sure that what you do say isn't preposterous and can't be refuted in thirty minutes by using a book or a website, then you'll just look silly.

We're taught to accept people for being different. Socially we seem a lot more apt to doing this. We're fighting for gay marriage and racial equality and peace between warring nations, and if someone speaks negatively against someone for being gay or for being black or Muslim, that's hate speech. And yes, it is, that's correct. I'm happy to Love those people as much as I can and let them be them. So why is it that we're so for accepting people's social differences and then hating the hell out of them for their political differences?

Some people are Democrats. Some people are Republicans. That's the way it is and that's the way it's going to be. You can either like them or not, but don't go out of your way to start an "anti" campaign or anti-crusade against them because you disagree with their personal choices. That's the exact same thing as making a racial slur or a religiously bigoted remark.

If you want peace, show it. If you want equality, show it. If you want Love, show it. If you want to be taken seriously, take others seriously. But if you want to try to make others feel like jackasses, go ahead and make yourself look like one first. It's inevitable and no one is stopping you.