Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lost Angels

I hated to come to you
Like a beggar at the feet
Of his unwanted master.

There is silent acknowledgment
That you control this future
We all hope to share.

But we hold it against you.
You are like our enemy,
Forced to be our leader.

We are enslaved by your armies;
The congested path in which we must sit
And wait to reach dissolving destinations.

You seem to pit man against man.
His horn becoming his voice,
Condemning his peers for slowing his progress.

And Summer brings heat and air
So foul and thick that it is our food,
Spoiled bread broken in remembrance of dreams that were.

You are where the work is
And now we work for you,
Accepting our blood unwantedly poured out.

We live to serve you
And hate to live this way,
But with tomorrow we turn the other cheek.

And when it is day
We find little to be pleased with
And much to be disgusted by.

You seem to choose between your children
As Sophie makes her choice,
And we are your daughter.

But as the sun sets
And your inner light shines
We see you are not so different.

There is sadness in the beautiful night,
As your purpose becomes clear,
That you work the streets as we do.

The moon shines as your half dollar tear,
Our line in the sand;
Are you half empty or half full?

Your purpose here rings true
For those still searching for our way.
You struggle as we do.

You hope as we hope,
You fight as we fight,
You live as we live.

We have resentment for you,
Though this misfortune you carry
You did not create.

We see you bear a burden,
You take the blame,
But you are not so different otherwise.

It is not you,
But those we let define you,
And our judgment cast is ever the first stone.

This mother cannot stop loving her children.
And though we may be bastards
You keep your wings about us.

We are your Lost Angels
And you are our God.
Though our thanks are begrudged
Please take them.
These hard hearts are soft at this moment
And they are sincere.

1 comment:

  1. As you usually do, you have perfectly captured the struggle we experience as we bend our wills to His.

    Thanks for this powerful image.