Friday, March 9, 2012

Sharing is Caring?

Sometimes we get ourselves wrapped up in conversations that we probably should not inject ourselves into.

I don't do it to get a rise out of people (maybe I do, yeah sometimes we all do), but I find that usually I can keep my trap shut unless I feel there's a point needing to be made that a whole mass of people have missed and seem to overlook, all in the name of humor and harassment, or to try and prove the point that one's opinion is right. It's usually the people who think they're right who will berate you with the supposed truth. Those who know they're right know when to keep their mouths shut.

Sometimes silence is golden. But it's as if there's this constant crusade today, that every single bit of information needs to be dumped into every single social network, and everyone's peers need to be "aware" of "the truth". If you disagree you are wrong or bigoted, left or right, sexist or racist. If you disagree with "the truth", you're usually any number of things you're probably furthest from in actuality. But you haven't been given the time to say otherwise because, in this other's mind, you're wrong.

Whatever happened to good old fashioned self confidence? Sometimes I'll read something and disagree with it. But rather than starting a fight I say nothing, because I realize the debate will get angry, tired, and stale and someone will probably develop a profound hate for me. And that's the key. Sometimes it's better to say nothing. If you know you're right, don't taunt the sleeping dragon just because you're sure you can beat him. Then you'll have a fight on your hands and you'll be thinking, "I should have just let him keep dreaming."

There is a taoist concept called Pu, which is appropriately explained in great detail in the very cute, easy read book called "The Tao of Pooh." Pu is the idea of "the uncarved block", a state of being that is reseponsive to perception and your own potential without being setup to be automatically prejudice. Being an uncarved block to me means letting no outside hands carve you. You are who you choose to be. (Re: last week's post.)

Pu looks to teach a way of life and of existence in which you are not weighed down by an overabundance of plain old raw knowledge, which I tend to agree with. Have you ever been in conversation with or listened to someone talk who's so full of knowledge, so book smart, yet they still somehow manage to come across as unintelligent. They're so smart that, in the long run, they know nothing because they have no experiences. Every way of life they know because they have studied it in the classroom and not in the world. They've learned all they need from books and TV and films, but not from actually being a part of those experiences. They can't relate.

Just because you've read it, and your opinion is in direct connection with the articles, or the books, or the documentaries, does not mean you are automatically correct. Neither does it make you an expert or ensure you actually know what it is you're talking about. Facebook gives us the option to "share" things, but we've forgotten the niceness of the word share, that it implies a give and take, a yin and yang, a harmonious balance. Sharing is caring right? Not anymore. Today sharing is trying to push your opinion onto others under the guise of caring. "I share this with you because I care about you. So you should read it and accept it as truth because I know what's best for you because I am right." The most guilty organizations of this are, of course, Political Parties and Religions in their many shapes and sizes.

There is a self centeredness created out of the delusion that we care, so we share. But we don't really share, rather we cram, we force, we try to persuade regardless of the beliefs of those around us. Why? Because we believe to our core that we're right. But each of us lack the life experience of the other. You are you and I am me, he is he and she is she, and none of us can be the other because we are we.

Maybe it's time we stop trying to convince ourselves that our opinions are "right" and get more comfortable saying that our opinions are worth something, worth sharing. And by this token we should be accepting that the opinions of others are worth something because none of us are worthless, quite the opposite in fact. We are worth everything there is.

The quickest way to harmony and peace on earth, if that's truly what you're fighting for, is not through trying to force others to come to your side, to coax them into seeing things your way because it is the only way. These things are achieved by accepting people for being different and appreciating them for that, and for sharing with them in the hope that they will share with you. That's balance. It's experience and because of experience, it is relevant knowledge learned not from a book, but from the World.

It should sting when we become aware that we've foresaken a lesson we learned when we were in kindergarten. More often than not these children are more in tune with the harmony of the Universe that we hope to see, more in tune with it than we'll ever be. Why? Because they are uncarved blocks. The kingdom of heaven, the truest ways of Love, belong to them.

Stop trying to be such an adult, teaching "important lessons of truth" to the "children" around you. Instead let yourself be a child, carefree and willing to share. Because sharing is caring.

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