Friday, July 27, 2012

So You Want To Save The World

The shooting in Aurora, CO was a massive tragedy. It's the kind of thing that makes us want to save the world. But there's a difference in pining for a theoretical and actually getting out there and actively working to make it happen. Some people, despite their cries for a better world, because of their cynical nature, end up going down with the ship.

Believe me, there are two clear camps of people in life. You see them every day. But today, for the sake of argument, let's say you side with the first. So you want to save the world...

All the killing we see, the death, and the pain, you can look at people and either think they're dispicable, or keep up the faith that there are good men and women in this world. But pessimism will not save the world, it will destroy it. Sitting around sharing contemptuous remarks on Facebook or photos under the name "No Hope for the Human Race" or "I don't want to live on this planet anymore" is spreading fear, doubt, and the notion that it is okay to surrender. If you surrender, the world falls. If you fight, maybe we won't save it today, tomorrow, or even in a million years, but at least we can say we fought like hell to do our best. And when people look back on our lives they can do so with fondness and take up arms with those we've inspired, because for every action there is a reaction. If you want a positive reaction, there must be positive actions. So get your head out of your ass and stop resenting the human race. Stop these disparaging remarks of your neighbor. It isn't cute and it's not funny, it's childish and worthless. Is that what you want? Do you want pessimism to define your life? For people to look back on your life and your actions and consider them worthless, your existence to be meaningless, for your time on this earth to have been spent detracting from the beauty of the meaning of life? The meaning of life is to live to the fullest, so what are you doing trying to drag your peers through the mud with you? Get up, wipe that grin off your face, and clean up. You're not a superstar or a badass because you find pleasure in schadenfreud, or find hilarity in laughing at a sinking ship. You're on that ship pal. The more you spread fear, doubt, and negativity, the quicker you get promoted to its Captain, at which point you're required to reap what you've sown. We all know what happens to the Captain.

We are a beautiful people capable of many wonderful things. Go ahead and spread your negativity, but at the end of the day, when your hope has dried up and your friends have left you and you're alone in your misery wondering why life was so cruel, understand it's only because you gave up on it. You quit. And you only have yourself to blame. People may look down on you for being hopeful, optimistic, or tease your or think you immature for having faith in the goodness of mankind, but you are not alone. Those who spend their lives trying to disprove and destroy the hope of the faithful may feel joy from their assumed rhetorical victories but these are only momentary and do not add up, but rather subtract from the quality of their lives without them even knowing it until it may be too late, that when they reach the end of their road they find it lonesome, dark, and void of any victory they may have thought they claimed in life.

Don't be swayed by cynics that faith is only for the religious. They're a bitter folk who let dejection and a gloomy outlook control their lives. Faith is believing strongly in whatever it is that you do. Period. If you believe the world is a beautiful place, one that at its core is full of kind people, then it must be worth saving. But in order to do so you've got to have a little faith. You've got to understand that there will come a time that despite the darkness you must keep marching. Faith will take you to the sunrise.

Those who hold up hope for their fellow man may suffer through life, may have that faith tested, may feel that they are already alone or in the darkness despite not being at the end of their road yet. But we stand at the mouth of a cave. Beyond what can be seen is the unknown, the darkness. But when the hopeful shout into the cave they are met with the echoes of their own voices shouting back at them reminding them that their optimism is enough to restore their faith in the goodness of their neighbor.

The pessimist sits at the mouth of the cave, too afraid to venture inside, so sure that it contains nothing but more of the same; darkness, loneliness, nothing but a bleak, meaningless existence. Make no mistake, the pessimist goes down with the ship. The optimist enters the cave, despite the danger, knowing that if he doesn't he will be nothing more than what the pessimist has become. He enters because he doesn't know what awaits inside, but knows full well of the multitude of options that may lead him to the light at the end of the tunnel.

Do not give up hope for those around you, for the people of this world. Do not let the actions of the few dictate your opinion of the many. There are good people in this world. Fight for them. Never give up. You stand today, and each day, at the mouth of the cave.


  1. This is absolutely fantastic. I love this article so so much.

  2. Thank you very much, this is what I needed to read! Greetings from Tokyo, Japan.