Monday, December 24, 2012

Let it Snow! - A Children's Story

I wrote this story as a children's picture book idea a few years ago. I still like it so I wanted to share it. Maybe read it to your kids if you got 'em. They've got powerful imaginations, I don't think they need the pictures anyway. Merry Christmas.

Let it Snow!
A Children’s Christmas Story
By William Sterling  

“Snow!” Shouted young Jacob Price. “A full day of snow would be ever so nice!” He kicked and screamed and let out a sigh, “Please make it snow,” he shouted toward the sky. “There’s a certain someone responsible!” He exclaimed. “He’s likely asleep on the job, what a bother, what a pain! Give me snow now for goodness sake; do you want me to spread rumors that I think you’re a fake?” The sun was setting, and it was getting dark. “There had better be snow tomorrow,” was Jacob’s last remark.
     Off to bed he went, ready for snow in the morn. He even dressed accordingly his hat, coat and scarf well worn. He closed his eyes tight, and prepared for sleep, when suddenly he heard a rumble and from his bed he did leap. He kicked off his sheets, to the window he ran, his eyes growing wide as a blizzard began.
     There was snow! More than just a flurry, so much of it so that Jacob began to worry! To his front door he opened wide, yet what he received was a terrible surprise. In poured snow, in leaps and bounds, more of it, more of it, he feared he may drown. He ran up his stairs, as the snow filled his home, where were his parents, why was he all alone?
     The walls began to shake, the windows to brake, the snow was flooding his house and he needed to escape. He ran to the attic, it was really quite clear, “I’ll escape from the roof, I’ll escape from up here!” He opened the window and out he ran, he was beginning to worry, he hadn’t a plan. “This is not what I wanted, this was not my boast, my house is being buried by the thing I want most! This snow is so bitter, so cold and so frigid, I should have asked for something warm, something nice, bright, and vidid.”
     Jacob seemed hopeless, as if all was lost. His wish seemingly twisted by a scheming Jack Frost. But suddenly, a light shown bright! It was red like a beacon, an Angel's guiding light. Against the fearful snow it did oppose. What was it; but Rudolph’s shiny red nose. Closer and closer came the sleigh and Santa Claus along with it in a marvelous display.
     “Santa!” Jacob shouted with glee. “I knew you’d come, you must save me!” Down landed Santa, his reindeer so beautiful. He stepped down from his sleigh, with a purpose quite dutiful.
     “My, my,” He began to say. “Look at all this snow, look at this foray.” He gazed about and stroked his beard, it did not look good, it was what he feared.
     “Santa, I don’t know where to go! My home is back there buried beneath the snow.” Jacob began to shiver; the cold was all he felt. But Santa simply looked to him and down he knelt. “Perhaps there’s something we can do, we'll figure this out. We can find an answer, this I know without a doubt.”
     “Oh Santa, there’s not much I could achieve, I got us into this mess, and I’ve no tricks up my sleeve.” Santa just smiled his cheeks so rosy, he lent Jacob his hat, it was quite cozy. He scratched his bald head, and thought for a second. He snapped his fingers, “I’ve got it!” He reckoned.
     He leapt onto his sleigh, Jacob in tow. “Now hold on tight, we’ll show this snow!” With those words, Santa’s sleigh began to rise, “We can save Christmas,” Santa surmised.
     Faster and faster they flew, far above the clouds; the towns below all covered in snow shrouds. “Santa, what can I do to make things right? People must be stuck in their homes, stricken with fright. I've been so selfish, so thoughtless and greedy, I did a terrible by ignoring the needy. I and my wishes got us into this mess, I’m afraid this year I’ve spoiled Christmas.”
     Santa slowly looked over, smiling from ear to ear. “Christmas is not spoiled, no sir, not this year! You’ve solved the problem, Jacob, you’ve figured it out! This snow is thick, but your conscience it did not clout. This unfortunate situation you’ve helped amend, you’ve realized something it takes some a lifetime to comprehend. We can dream as far as the stars are in the night. They are hope for tomorrow, they let our future take flight. But sometimes what we wish for is meant only for us, and this can cause problems, situations such as thus.”
     Jacob looked up to Santa, his suit bright and red, and he wished he was home, asleep in his bed. “Santa, I’d like to go home now, if you don’t mind. I’d like to fall asleep, and leave this all behind. This was an interesting day for me and you; I guess I should be careful what I wish for, it just might come true.”
     Down went the sleigh, Jacob could see his house. Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. The snow was thin, it had finally subsided, Jacob felt better now that he’d confided. Santa smiled, leaned down and gave him a hug, then shouted to his reindeer who lifted off with a tug.
     Jacob went inside, and crawled into bed. “To think,” To himself he softly said. “In the morning, what a story I will tell when I awake. And before all this, I threatened to call him a fake.”

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